All Makes 4x4

All Makes 4×4 is a Land Rover parts and accessories wholesale that distributes to over 50 countries worldwide.They are also the company behind Terrafirma, one of the largest growing brands of Land Rover accessories and performance upgrades in the world.

Trade shows are an important part of pushing the brands name and they wanted something different other than the usual photographic displays for 4×4 and pick up show. 

All Makes Director Eddie Priscott asked me to help them design a shell display scheme that was something a bit different and special. We decided upon using traditional hand painted artwork as Eddie had seen my Land Rover and Jaguar automotive paintings which he loved and thought that it would promote more interest in their stand.

Once the painting had been completed I photographed them and then stitched them together in Photoshop to create the design that would then be printed in large format to be attached to the shell display.

Below you will find the finished artwork, photos of the display in situ and work in progress of the paintings.